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The Best thing about Big Sky is:

"The wide variety of interesting experiences to be had in an easy to access location."

"The Whole Big Sky Festival was Fantastic"

"The conversation /questions in sessions. Coming in contact with writers would not normally come across"

"Intimate nature, great discussions, great range of artists"

"The Range of authors and presenters; access to authors. The initmate and friendly atmospehere. The quality of authors"

"The Book Shop. Wonderful. Australian Authors"

"The Guest Writers"

"Meeting the Authors"

"The range of authors/artists who come to the Festival"

"It happens every year. Brings "people of culture" to Gero who would otherwsie not come. It's got to continue!!"

"Being inspired and hearing 'great people' who sometimes have ordinary beginnings"

"Bringing together people who love books and the world they create"

"The Great Debate was fantastic. Always attend this!"

"Variety of authors. Being able to hear and speak to an author"

"Opportunity to celebrate literature and access to variety of authors"

"Listening to Authors talk about their novels and open discussion"

"The interesting people you meet"

"It's free; interesting and good fun"

"Getting some intellectual thinking into the discussion"

"The way ideas grow out of the sessions and the way writers and ideas bounce off each other. Big Sky becomes more than a Readers and Writers festival -- it's a festival of Big Ideas!"

"The diversity of writers and attendees. There are so few events in Geraldton that bring worldclass intellectuals and their discussions to Geralton and this festival fills that void more than adequately."

"Variety of presenters. Great involvment. Mind provoking"

"The high quality of participants and diversity of panels / pesentations and the amazing venue"

"The ideas, discussion and intimacy and loved the range of artists"

"The calibre of the speakers. Range of topics"

"The range of presenters, actors, photographers, graphic artists, media/ journalists/ columnists, etc. Interesting panel talks, workshops --as a teacher-- great professional development. Debates, chance to interact with presenters."

"Intellectually stimulating and food for thought, thanks"

"Informal admosphere; mix of talent"

"The wonderful people writers, readers and the wonderful discussions with the Authors and Audience"

"The accessibility of the guests, the variety of thought provoking sessions and the fact that it is in our home town!"

"the mix of ideas, writers, readers, musicians and artists"

"Wonderful culture of this festival. The writers love coming. Opportunity to connect with acclaimed, significant writers and support up and coming ones. Incorporation of other arts, getting together with thoughtful, like-minded community members, and discovering good books."

General Comments

"I hope the festival is able to continue annually as I missed it greatly last year"

"A big thank you to the leadership and staff of our library for making "it" happen."

"Loved the chance to interact with authors."

"Appreciated being able to talk to authors"

"Hats off to Susan and staff for the wonderful job they do for Geraldton."

"Loved the Kyle Hughes-Odgers session called "Artistic License." Great to hear of his work"

"keep up the debate."

"Big Sky is the creative highlight of my year. It allows me, a mother and primary school teacher, to refire my own imaginative writing passion, build up my library with new material, talk 'adult-talk', be inspired to differently develop my primary school students making their writing more engaging for their audience and do something just for myself without guilt. Thank you Susan and library staff for doing all that you do, for giving your time to be of service to the Geraldton community. Keeping up the energy to put this event on for more than a decade, must be an effort... but it is so appreciated"

"Nearly at the end and have loved it all!"

"A great way to spend a day"

"What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday"

"C of GG needs to recognise that Big Sky is a crucial event for the Midwest"

"A wonderful festival. Susan, Malcolm and all the library staff make everyone feel so welcome. The fact that the writers spend time together before the festival helps to facilitate a free flowing, meaningful, and respectful conversation."

"Very well organised and better time of year in May - Congrats to you all."

"This is one of the highlights of my years. Stimulating sessions and friendly staff and volunteers. Great energy around the Festival. Thank you."

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