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Mr Tiger, Betsy and the Blue Moon

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By Gardner, Sally

Prize-winning Sally Gardner combines fun and magic in this humorous, perfect, modern fairytale for Christmas about a determined girl, Betsy K Glory, Mr. Tiger and his troupe of circus acrobats, a lonely giant and an enchanted toad. This is the story of Betsy K Glory, the daughter of a mermaid and an ice-cream maker. She lives on an island that's been left off the map of the world where she wonders how to make wishes come true. She discovers that only Gongalong berries harvested when the moon is blue, then made into delicious-wishes ice cream will work. But even if you can find these rare berries, how do you turn the moon blue? With the help of Mr. Tiger, his troupe of circus acrobats, an enchanted toad, a lonely giant and Mum and Dad, Betsy sets off on her quest.

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