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The Hidden story of Estie Noor

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By Nadine Aisha Jassat

When twelve-year-old Estie is expelled from school, she's sent to stay with her aunt in Scotland over the summer. Even though Estie knows what she did was right. Even though nobody, not even her mum, asked to hear her side of the story. Estie's determined to keep her barriers up and stick to herself until the holidays are over. But when she comes across an intricately folded paper bird with a secret message written inside - a message from someone desperate to tell their own unbelieved story - a chord is struck, and Estie can't help but follow the clues to the next piece of artwork. Who are these messages from? And what will their secret reveal about the town? In helping to uncover the anonymous artist's truth, Estie just might find the words to tell her own.

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