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Snapshot - A Town Built on Sand Dunes

Published on Tuesday, 16 March 2021 at 4:13:00 AM

A Town Built on Sand Dunes by Lorin Cox

What’s missing from this picture? Well, the Civic Centre, the QPT, St Francis Xavier Primary School and the QEII Seniors Centre just to name a few missing structures. This image taken around 1958 shows Maitland Street as a gravel road alongside sand dunes which would become St Francis Xavier Primary School. At this time much entertainment was held at the Geraldton Town Hall, civic duties were undertaken at the Municipal chambers on Eleanor Street (now Chapman Road) and senior’s social activity relied heavily on proactive individuals, clubs or community groups to facilitate. Upon further inspection Geraldton’s grain silos are nowhere to be seen. The original silos were soon to be installed in 1962, followed later by the larger 1993 silos. Of course, some key landmarks such as the St Francis Xavier Cathedral, scattered Norfolk Pine trees and the Point Moore Lighthouse ensure that we cannot mistake this place as anywhere but Geraldton.

Caption: Maitland Street c1958, courtesy of Lloyd Caust.

Caption by Lorin Cox.

Maitland Street

P 10883

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