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Snapshot - A very special catwalk Miss Horrocks

Published on Wednesday, 1 December 2021 at 9:18:59 AM

The year is 1960, it's January, and it's a hot day.  Young ladies and girls are on the beach, enjoying their annual get-together, when suddenly along the shore march the matriarchs of the community intent on entering their girls. Some enter voluntarily and others somewhat reluctantly, and so begins the Miss Horrocks Parade. 

This first Parade of Belles attracted a field of 40 contestants. The girls were required to parade along the jetty, individually and then together, and asked a series of questions. They were measured, bust, waist, and hips. And somehow, from this bevy of beautiful belles, a winner was chosen. Some girls loved the parade and entered every year, and others did so reluctantly. The sports day featured many events, including sandcastle building, novelty events, diving, swimming, and athletics. 

For the next 17 years, the parade became one of the major drawcards of the Horrocks Beach Annual Sports Day. The sports day attracted contestants from around the district and was the fundraising brainchild of a group of enthusiastic and talented community members.  

January Belles is Book One of a three-part series celebrating the history of Horrocks Beach. It features a beautiful collection of photographs, newspaper articles, and memories from former contestants. The launch of this book saw many people gather at Geraldton Regional Library on Thursday 09 December 2021.

Caption by Helen McQuie 

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Miss Horrocks 1962

Photo caption: Miss Horrocks crowds, circa 1963, courtesy of Charlton Teakle slide Collection.  

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