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Snapshot - Quirky Times Snapped Up

Published on Tuesday, 5 October 2021 at 3:22:39 PM

Festival Fun in the Sun by Lorin Cox 

Oh October, how you make us dream of spectacularly, ridiculous times frolicking about at the Geraldton Sunshine Festival. In the beginning, the festival was held in the earlier months around August, however, the committee have since tried and tested a variety dates, finally landing in October in recent years. Digital versions of the Sunshine Festival Programmes from 1959 are available to view on the Geraldton Regional Library’s website. They are a great resource if you are interested in the history of local businesses, identities, entertainment etc. Recorded within are the official events, however, there were many additional quirky things going on around town that were organised last minute and spread by word of mouth. One such event is recorded in Jim Lowrie’s oral history where he describes an attempt in 1960 by Bill Newbold to cook a Steer on a spit at the West End Beach. Jim remembers how things didn’t go exactly to plan but “everybody had a wonderful time just the same”. After 61 years, the festival will be missed once again in 2021, however, this will not stop locals from reminiscing on all the joy they have shared. 

Sunshine Festival Curtsy

Photo caption: Craig Wendt curtsies in good humour, Geraldton Sunshine Festival, 1984, courtesy of the Geraldton Telegraph. 

Caption by Lorin Cox.

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