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Snapshot - The Touring Torch

Published on Tuesday, 6 July 2021 at 11:00:00 AM

The Touring Torch by Lorin Cox 

Sydney 2000, the Olympic flame toured the suburbs of Geraldton creating much excitement along the way. The people of Geraldton, Greenough and surrounding areas came together to celebrate the iconic occasion on Sunday 02 July as the torch made its way to the community cauldron at the Recreation Ground. Over 35 community members were able to participate in the torch relay before it was passed to Gerald Whitby for the final leg. The lighting of the community cauldron was witnessed by the large crowd pictured, as well as, a young Harry Taylor who had a prime viewing location up on the stage alongside Mr Whitby. The torch exited the stadium to continue its tour in the hands of Judy Heylen, whereupon, it proceeded to the Geraldton Airport and on to Albany. The list of Torchbearers and the route taken was published in the Geraldton Guardian Friday 30 June 2000 pg. 12 which is accessible at the Geraldton Regional Library by request.

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Sydney 2000 Olympic Flame

Image number P 341: A joyous community welcomes the Olympic Flame into the Recreation Ground, courtesy of the City of Greater Geraldton. 

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