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Snapshot - The War and Walkaway

Published on Thursday, 24 June 2021 at 5:21:15 PM

The War and Walkaway an excerpt from the War Years Drive Trail

In World War II the platform of the Walkaway Railway Station was used as an observation post for Voluntary Air Observation Corps, as part of a regional observation network. At the peak of operations there were 150 observation posts in the region using a wide variety of observers, including station and farm owners, country storekeepers and post masters. This provided for 24-hour coverage using telephone facilities which in many cases were a party line. Each post was equipped with binoculars which were used as night glasses after sunset. RAAF officers trained observers in aircraft recognition, cloud identification, weather reporting, use of telephones, radios, plotting tables and emergency procedures for planes experiencing navigational problems. Observers were also trained how to determine the speed of an aircraft, how to estimate the potential destination of a bomb, once dropped during passage of an aircraft, and how to create and maintain log book entries and air flash procedures.

Train lines were integral as the primary source of transport moving soldiers throughout the country. We encourage you to visit the Soldiers Memorial exhibition currently on display at the Walkaway Station Museum installed by the Walkaway Station Committee. The Museum also displays a World War I hammered copper Roll of Honour Board 1914 - Irwin and Greenough Districts, which was funded by the community and installed in 1918 before the cessation of the War.

Soldiers on Leave

Photo Caption: #P 11452, Private Bing and Private Duncan on leave, 1940’s, courtesy of the Mullewa Agricultural Society.

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