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Snapshot - Geraldton TAFE

Published on Tuesday, 15 September 2020 at 3:35:00 PM

Geraldton TAFE by Nola Gregory 

Over the years there have been many, many Aboriginal people that have attended and studied in the various courses offered at the Geraldton TAFE.  

TAFE is all about providing opportunities and seeing students participate very well leading to successful completion of their studies and the pride they show at graduation ceremonies. 

Dale Forsyth has been a staff member at the Central Regional TAFE for 28 years and has some awesome memories of former students and what they got up to in their studies.  In his words: “It sounds very ‘cliché’ but my most memorable moments at TAFE revolve around observing students just participating in training and then developing confidence in themselves, their ability to learn new things and understand technical and life skill tasks that can lead towards further study and/or employment”. Seeing and chatting with former students in their workplace after completing a TAFE course is also something special. 

Finally, the Aboriginal Learning Centre at the Geraldton campus is a great resource for the students and staff. 

This photograph taken in the late 1970’s features some very notable faces. 

Back row: Mick Councillor, Rodney Harris, Billy Dalgety, Billy Ronan (Dec), Norman Little (Dec), Gerry Pilkington (Dec), Wayne Leigh and Cheryl Little. 

Front Row: Mackie Mourambine (Dec), Gloria Fogarty, Annie Shay and Diane Dalgety. 

Image courtesy of Dale Forsyth, caption by Nola. 

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