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Marine Terrace, Geraldton, 1929

Marine Terrace, Geraldton, c1929.  Source:  Jenny Dodds.

The importance of preserving our local heritage is highly valued within Geraldton and across the Midwest. From the recognition of Aboriginal stories and culture, to the challenges faced by early seafarers along the coast and their encounters with a strange new land, to the arrival and subsequent occupation of European settlers, the Midwest Region is steeped with history.

Heritage is our legacy from the past, what we live with today, and what we pass on to future generations (UNESCO).

Heritage gives us a sense of place and can help provide us with direction for the future. It can be something that is valued by a single person, or it can contribute to a wider group’s sense of identity. Heritage places may be natural or man-made. According to the Burra Charter, heritage can be related to:


  • Individuals (personal heritage)
  • Families
  • Groups
  • A place and it’s people


The City of Greater Geraldton supports a wide variety of heritage activities and does so in a number of ways. Teams within the City oversee and manage heritage projects on behalf of residents from across a broad geographical area covering some 12,625.5 square kilometres, and including the Geraldton, Greenough, Mullewa and Walkway communities.  Meetings of the Heritage Advisory Committee are held four times per year, with past minutes available on the City website.

Learn about our City's heritage by visiting our fabulous Community Museums

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