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Overview of Historical Cemeteries in the City of Greater Geraldton

Our historical cemeteries are amongst the most valuable of the City’s cultural heritage sites, serving as a lasting memorial to the early pioneers who founded the region.  Cemeteries have a deep historical connection to the local community. They bring residents and visitors closer to an understanding of the past and help to provide insights into how people within the area used to live.

In addition to active cemeteries located at Utakarra and Mullewa, there are 7 non-active, historical burial grounds located in the City of Greater Geraldton.  These are as follows:

Greenough Pioneer Cemetery, Old Walkaway Cemetery, Bootenal Cemetery, Apex Pioneer Memorial Park (formerly Urch Street Cemetery), Narra Tarra Cemetery, the original Mullewa Burial Ground (off Maley Street) and Mullewa Pioneer Cemetery.

There are also several “lonely grave” sites in the City, including burials at Pindar, Wandina Station, Tardun, White Peak Station, Minnenooka Road, the Butterabby Graves and the Abrolhos Islands.  Many of the established pastoral properties also had their own private cemeteries, such as at Ellendale, Sandsprings and Tibradden.  Two “lost” cemeteries include the old Eastern Road Cemetery which was buried under rubble in the late 1970s and the Walkaway Roman Catholic Cemetery established in the 1870s at the corner of the Walkaway- Nangetty Road of which no evidence remains.

To request for the repair of a grave marker, or to install a new marker or plaque in one of the City's historical cemeteries, please submit the following form - HER01 - Historic Graves and Cemeteries Memorial Request form.

Apex Pioneer Memorial Park

This was once Geraldton's main cemetery and was consecrated in October 1864 by the first Anglican Bishop of WA, Matthew Hale.  Over the years, the Cemetery fell into disrepair, following the establishment of the new Cemetery in 1930 at Utakarra.  In 1967 the entire area was surveyed and every remaining headstone and grave plotted.  Unfortunately, no other Burial Map remains.  The following information documents marked graves noted in 1967.  Further information is available at the Geraldton Regional Library.

Information Panel 1 - Overview of Site

Information Panel 2 - Map of marked graves in 1967

Information Panel 3 - Map Key

Greenough Pioneer Cemetery

It was not until 1860 that two ministers of religion were stationed in the Victoria District. While visiting the district, Bishop Hale recorded that he had consecrated a burial ground in Greenough on the 18 October 1864. The Greenough Cemetery consisted of four cemeteries reserved for the separate use of Anglicans, Wesleyans, Congregationalists (not used) and Roman Catholics.

Over the years, the Greenough community has played an integral role in the care and maintenance of the site. It was the community who first agitated for a proper burial ground in Greenough - via the Victoria Agricultural Society. Many fundraising ventures were carried by locals over the years to maintain the site. In later years when the Cemetery was in a derelict state, and in preparation for the Way 79 150th celebrations, the Greenough Walkaway Pioneer Cemeteries Restoration Committee was formed. Under the direction of Chairman, Frank Shaw, over time this Committee conducted many clean-ups, as well as the unveiling and blessing of the Memorial Plaque in the Waldecks Pine Tree Grove.

The site was vested in the Shire of Greenough in 1981. It holds a permanent entry on the State Heritage Register, is classified by the National Trust and is a permanent entry on Register of the National Estate. The last person to be buried in this cemetery was Bernard Clinch, in September 1974. When his wife, Edith, passed away in 1989, her ashes were placed in his grave. A historical list of burials was prepared by Patricia Shaw and Rose Ann Jupp and a further substantial body of research has been conducted by Gary Martin.

In recent years, hardworking volunteers from Apex, MEEDAC and the Community Group of Greenough have partnered with the City, assisted with funding from Royalties for Regions Community Chest, to ensure this site is properly cared for into the future.

More information about Greenough Burials is available from the Greenough Museum and Gardens (ph: 9926 1890).

Greenough Burial Register

Greenough Pioneer Cemetery Walk Trail

Mullewa Pioneer Cemetery

There are 2 historical burial grounds in Mullewa and one active cemetery.

The historical cemeteries are:

Original Mullewa Burial Ground (40 Maley Street, Mullewa)

Mullewa Pioneer Cemetery (Mullewa-Carnarvon Road)

Copies of correspondence dating from 1895-1938 were recently obtained by the City from the State Records Office WA to assist with establishing more information about historical burial sites in Mullewa. Unfortunately, no site plans appear to have survived. To date the earliest grave which has been established at the first burial ground in Mullewa is that of Alexander Edmund Gregg who died 16 /01/1889, aged 2 years, 5 months. Alexander was the fourth son of Alexander and Margaret Gregg who were the first permanent residents of Mullewa. Gregg was employed as the Manager of the Mullewa Company's wool warehouse. Tragically, young Alexander died after being kicked in the stomach by a horse.

Mullewa Burial Records (1888-1987)

Mullewa Pioneer Cemetery - Burial List

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