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In Honour of Randolph Stow

Julian Randolph Stow was born on November 28, 1935, son of a country lawyer, Cedric Stow, and Mary, nee Sewell. Both sides of Stow's family were fifth-generation Australians.

His creativity was with him from a very young age. Growing up in Geraldton, Stow was inspired by his surroundings, which included the sights and sounds of the countryside and the ocean, as well as the history of the area.

Stow is recognised as a key contributor to Australia’s literary culture. His descriptions of landscape and the way he uses this landscape as a means to explore the purpose of human existence are essential components of his success as a writer.

Generations of readers have identified with descriptions contained in his fifth novel, The Merry-Go-Round in the Sea, set in 1940s Geraldton.

Many writers have been inspired and influenced by his poetry and prose. Others have written about his life. Institutions present lectures in his honour.

Geraldton Regional Library recognises Stow’s contribution to Literature in a variety of ways, including an annual writing award for students in the Mid-West, a comprehensive collection of his works and meeting rooms dedicated to his name.

Besides this, there are many physical links to Stow in Geraldton.

Geraldton Library would like to pay homage to Stow by offering the reader a comprehensive overview of his life and works in the following pages.

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