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Snapshot - Geraldton Tourist Promotion

Published on Tuesday, 6 October 2020 at 10:17:28 AM

Geraldton Tourist Promotion by Lorin Cox

With the Geraldton Visitor Centre recently finding a new home in the Geraldton Regional
Art Gallery, it seems a good opportunity to reflect on the many variations of tourism
promotion throughout Geraldton’s History. This image taken on Cathedral Avenue in the
1970’s shows the “Geraldton Region Tourist Promotion Unit” mobile caravan with a
wonderful historical record written all over the exterior.

The Greenough River Country Club and the Victoria Hotel, once very prominent businesses
have now fallen into the realms of history. On the other hand, the Wintersun Hotel and
Tarcoola Tavern are still holding fort at opposite ends of our City. The Greenough Hamlet is
very much a popular tourist attraction while the Shell Museum is no more, although, the
WA Museum Geraldton does feature shells on occasion.

Do you know the person in this image? *Person identified as Rita Stinson.

Image courtesy of Tony Horn, caption by Lorin Cox.

Snapshots is an initiative of the Geraldton Regional Library. For more information, or to
donate a historical photo or slide to the Library, contact Heritage Services at the Geraldton
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Tourist Promotion

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