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Snapshot - Jenner Residence

Published on Tuesday, 15 December 2020 at 9:30:00 AM

Taking pride in one’s family and residence is a common theme through history which resulted in many portraits, paintings and photographs of posed groupings in front of abodes. J.J. Jenner had every reason to be proud of his dwelling, located at 99 Chapman Road, with its intricate brickwork and decorative verandah design – the striped paintwork of the bullnose verandah adding a modern flair for its era.  However James John Jenner’s contribution to the Geraldton district went much further than this fine residence.  As a plasterer, builder, brickmaker and contractor, Jenner and his partner Louis Haffner, constructed many buildings in Geraldton, Greenough, Northampton and the Murchison District, including the Greenough Roads Board Hall.   In the mid 1890s Jenner built three houses on the ocean side of Chapman Road (then known as Eleanor Street), including this one.  Tragically shortly after this photo was taken both Jenner’s wife, Maria and their baby Thomas died thus adding even more poignancy to this image which is a true snapshot in time.  Although this house was demolished to make way for the expansion of the railway yards, we are fortunate to still have this evocative image showing the man, his family and the house he built.

Slight correction since publication. Details received from donor 10/01/2021: L-R.: Mary Elizabeth Jenner(sister of J.J.Jenner, a single lady who came out from England in 1901, to help her brother in his recent sadness of losing both wife and twin babies). On her lap is one twin, Molly ,born 1901 and died April 1902; (the other twin,Thomas, died 1901); Walter Jenner, born 1899, son of J.J.Jenner, ; James John Jenner; Dorothy Jenner, born 1897, daughter of J.J.Jenner; and Eusebius Drage, on horse, younger brother of J.J.Jenner`s wife "Molly", nee Drage. On veranda are one of "Molly`s" brothers and his wife.

Photo Caption: 99 Chapman Road, Geraldton, 1901. L-R: Maria Jenner (nee Drage), Thomas Jenner, Walter Jenner, J.J. Jenner, Dorothy Jenner, Eusebious Drage on horse.  On verandah: Maria’s brother and his wife.

Image courtesy of Mrs Holst, caption by Tanya Henkel.

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Jenner Residence

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