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Snapshot - Longstanding Social Hub

Published on Monday, 25 January 2021 at 3:33:00 PM

Longstanding Social Hub by Lorin Cox

Would your ancestors feel lost if they found themselves in present day Geraldton? Maybe, although they might find a landmark in the Geraldton Hotel which has consistently been in operation under the same business name since 1862. The exterior of the building has been largely modified beyond recognition, however, one thing that does remain the same is the street name; Gregory Street named for the Explorer Augustus Gregory, upon which the pub resides. This image taken approximately 100 years ago shows a very pot-holed Gregory Street, with the Bond store situated to the right (very convenient with its cellar full of liquor) and what appears to be the current Embroidery West building in the distance. Two children have found something interesting to peer at through the fence, perhaps awaiting the return of a relative seeking refreshments inside. The image was taken during the transition between horse and vehicle transport. Viewable in the foreground is an Upper Chapman vehicle and on the street side of the hotel there appears to be a rail to secure horses.

The two buildings closest to the Geraldton Hotel have since been demolished, possibly to make way for the Batavia Motor Inn. The location has a rich history having played host to Alexander and John Forrest in 1874 prior to their historic second crossing of the continent from West to East. In addition, the building was also utilised as a substitute medical facility, in particular for women in labour during a time where town medical facilities were lacking.

Caption: Geraldton Hotel 1920’s, courtesy of Geraldton Guardian Newspaper Offices.

Caption by Lorin Cox.

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Geraldton Hotel

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