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Snapshot - Sunshine Festival Queen

Published on Tuesday, 11 May 2021 at 11:21:57 AM

Sunshine Festival Queen by Lorin Cox

The Sunshine Festival of 1962 promised to be yet another gloriously lively time spent socialising and soaking up the sun. Thankfully, the crowning of the Sunshine Festival Queen took place on the opening night, Saturday, 25 August upon which time all the competitors could relax and enjoy the festivities. The only exception being that of the Queen herself who had many important engagements to attend over the course of the week. This image depicts Moira Johnston; Sunshine Festival Queen 1962 (shortly prior to being crowned) atop the Retail Traders Queen float travelling down Marine Terrace past the Geraldton Post Office with its balconies overflowing with joyful citizens. Moira is accompanied by Kerry Hood (nee Hayward) and Lorraine Allen (nee Murphy).

Geraldton Regional Library Local History staff are currently conducting a Midwest Beauty Pageant image drive to celebrate the Miss Westralia Musical. This production follows the unexpected crowning of local girl Miss Beryl Mills, from Walkaway, as the very first Miss Australia in 1926. We thank Moira Howden for donating a number of wonderful images from her time spent in the spotlight and hope you may be encouraged to do the same. Images can be scanned, added to the local history collection and the originals returned to you.

Sunshine Festival Queen 1962

Photo Caption: Miss Sunshine 1962, courtesy of Moira Howden.

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