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Confirmed Event Locations

Poetry in the Pub Bootenal Family Tavern
Literary Lunch Bentwood Olive Grove
Saturday Dinner Salt Dish Cafe
Weekend Activities Geraldton Universities Centre

Breathing Books

Breathing Books will bring the tales of the Midwest to life through living, breathing, human books. Each ‘book’ has a story they have lived on the topic of No Limits, and they will share those stories with ‘readers’, who can read up to 4 books in the session. Visitors to the ‘library’ will hear incredible tales from neighbours and people they might pass every day on the street. Come see life through the pages of someone else’s life story.


Breathing Books Expressions of Interest Form

A couple of bits of information on the Breathing Books session:

  • Session details: 11:15am to 12:45pm on Saturday 21 May 2016
  • You will be notified of your selection by Thursday 5 May. Once you have been notified of your selection, we ask that you confirm that you have received the notification so we can lock our participants in and publish a list of ‘book’ titles for our readers to peruse before the festival begins!
  • A preparation/workshop session will run in the week before the festival begins. There will be two options for these sessions and you must attend at least one of them to participate.
  • The session will run for an hour and a half, with 15 minutes at the beginning to introduce everyone to the format. The session will comprise of four, 15-minute readings, which means you will talk to four different people over the hour. You’ll tell the same story (or a version of it!) each time.
  • You’ll start the session telling a bit of your story to prompt the reader and give them a chance to learn a bit about you. From there, the session can run however the two of you would like.
  • Readers will ask you questions about your story. Please be open to their questions and answer as best you can while feeling comfortable. You don’t have to reveal anything you don’t want to. Readers will be told to respect boundaries you put on your stories, so please let them know (gently!) if they are nearing

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