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Snapshot - Anzac Day

Published on Friday, 8 April 2022 at 8:45:48 AM

Anzac Day

An excerpt from the Geraldton Guardian account of the ANZAC Day service held at a time when invasion was still very much a concern, published Thursday 25 April 1918 reads “To-day’s celebration was carried out in an impressive manner. The procession started from the State School, the City Band leading the way. Then came the returned soldiers, a gallant band marching with soldiery tread. Behind them came the military and cadets, who are being taught all things necessary should it be needful to resist an invasion, and then followed the senior school children two or three hundred strong. The Town Hall was crowded.” 

Amongst the speakers was Sergeant Pommeroy; a returned soldier who addressed the attendees many of whom had lost immediate family members; brothers, sons, husbands and fathers. As the War raged on, there was a focus throughout the service on recruitment. This was to be the final ANZAC Day service to be held during WWI, however, it has remained an important national day of remembrance ever since. The Geraldton community continue to attend services in large numbers physically, or in most recent times, via the wireless alongside their neighbours. 

Caption by Lorin Cox. 

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Anzac Day

Photo caption: Image P 5135, Anzac Day at Birdwood House, estimated date 1950’s, courtesy of the Austin Collection. 

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