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Snapshot - War & the Hall

Published on Tuesday, 28 April 2020 at 1:16:17 PM

War and the Hall - Excerpt from War Years Drive Trail

Now home to the Geraldton Regional Art Gallery, the Town Hall was an important venue where many civic functions were held including ‘Farewell’ and ‘Welcome Home’ celebrations as well as fundraising events, particularly during World War I. The town’s first Anzac Day Service was held at the Town Hall on Tuesday 25th April 1916.

During World War II, the Town Hall was known as the ‘Returning Place’ because soldiers and airmen sometimes ‘borrowed’ bikes from locals if they had missed the bus back to the airport base at the weekend. Military trucks subsequently returned the bikes here. Dances and other major social events, such as the Air Force Concert, continued to be held at the Town Hall during World War II.
This image shows American Navy personnel and local residents at the Geraldton Town Hall during World War II, c1942.

Image courtesy of C.R. Smitty (U.S. Army) and Stan Gratte, excerpt from 2019 City of Greater Geraldton publication War Years Drive Trail.

War and the Hall

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