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Mind Games

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by Nora Roberts

As they do each June, the Foxes have driven the winding roads of Appalachia to drop off their children for a two-week stay at their grandmother's. Here, twelve-year-old Thea can run free. But as her parents head back to suburban Virginia, they have no idea they're about to cross paths with a ticking time bomb. Though Thea and her Grammie have never discussed the special kind of sight they share, they know as soon as they wake that something terrible has happened. The kids will be staying with Grammie now in Redbud Hollow, and thanks to Thea's vision, their parents' killer will spend his life in supermax. Over time, Thea’s ability to see into minds and souls lurks within her, and though Grammie calls it a gift, it feels more like a curse--because the inmate who shattered her childhood has the same ability.

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