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Lorraine Chapman

Lorraine Chapman is a primary school teacher who loves teaching creative writing to 6 year olds, 96 years old and anyone in between. She also loves being the president of Geraldton’s own writing group, Writers of the Coral Coast and is obsessed with her three sausage dogs and writing stories about them.

Linda Liem

Linda Liem writes to not forget – both figuratively and literally. She's a journalist, digital content creator, and moderator. Currently anchored in Geraldton, she's culturally knowledgeable, is gently geared towards neoteric conversations, and possesses a work ethic of an ox.

Rosie Sitorus

Rosie Sitorus is a linguist, writer and musician based in Geraldton, WA. Her professional and personal creative practice focuses on sharing knowledge and experiences through storytelling and is always looking for new and engaging ways to do this.

Nola Gregory

Nola Gregory is a descendent of the Gija/Bard peoples of the East and West Kimberley and has been writing poetry since 1995.  Her passion for poetry writing is what keeps her going.  Nola writes poems that she hopes reach deep down inside the person reading them.  Nola is the only Aboriginal person to have had a poem read in both the Federal and Western Australian State Parliaments.


Jackie Gill

Formerly a journalist, Jackie spent time on the international speaker circuit, as well as working in community engagement. She is a visual artist who's passionate about supporting arts in the Midwest.

Kath Jones

A performing arts guru, Kath has done it all, including directing musical theatre, improv and stand up comedy. Kath wrote and performed in the sellout Perth Fringe Caberet sensation "What My Mother Told Me."

Brian Poller 

English born Brian is best known for his solo show "An Incompetent Life," performed at Perth Fringe, as well as his comedic skills and quick wit.

Our special thanks to all our team members (staff and volunteers) who have worked so hard to make this festival a success!

Trudi Cornish, Jenni Hargrave, Lorin Cox, Joanne Morgan, Holly Auld, Keely Grieve, Marina Baker, Ingrid Horn, Susan Smith, Rachael Vieraitis, Donna Ronan, Nicole Dickerson, Denielle Riley, Pieter Vorster, Annette Burton, Lily Valdez, Naz Farnaz, Moana Wilson, Ayrah Mabitad, Deb Barnett, Sharon Sorenson, Silvia Borracci, Diane McDonald, Esper Windsor, Kaitlin Ajduk, Anne Williams, Zain Laudehr-May, Abdullah Family, Jody Quadrio, Heidi Barker, Mullewa District Office, Northampton Shire Office, Euphorium Team, Karin Tennberg, Jo Bunker, Julie Simpson, Lara Sampson, Leigh O'Brien.

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