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Cathedrals of Corrugated Iron: Creations by Alf Couch
by Kerry Marriott and Tony Critch

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Alf Couch would have been a name known by virtually every inhabitant in the vast Murchison District in the period 1915-1950, but since, as the wealth and notoriety of the area has slowly declined, so too has the memory of the name and work of this once renowned, pioneer builder.

The recording of history is the obligation of every generation and sometimes a gaping hole appears that needs urgent attention. Couch is an example of this urgency, as in his case, there is precious little written material and even less oral information that maintains his legendary status. Cathedrals of Corrugated Iron is a compilation of the work and words of many generous and enthusiastic people who have contributed to give Alf's story a leg up, in order that he regains his rightful position in Mid-West history.

Available from Geraldton Regional Library for $28.75 (or, if unavailable, the price will depend on the reprinting cost).


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