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Snapshot - Geraldton 1930

Published on Tuesday, 9 June 2020 at 9:00:17 AM

Back in 1930, the Western Mail newspaper was keen to help boost Geraldton tourism and published the following story.  Their list of “Geraldton Facts” makes for interesting reading.

“Geraldton, it is safe to assert, is one of the most popular towns in the State.  The town possesses fine public buildings, and there is an active community life.  Sporting institutions are many and progressive, while the beaches are a constant allurement in summer.  Much progress has been made with the harbour works and their completion will greatly benefit the port”.

Geraldton Facts (1930)

The population of Geraldton is 5,000.

The annual revenue of the Municipal Council is now £33,000 (equivalent to about $2,500,000 in today’s money).

There are 303 motor vehicles licensed with the Council and 64 motor cycles.

Street electric lights number 175, and there are 980 private consumers of electricity.

Geraldton is 300 miles by rail from Perth.

This aerial photograph of the Geraldton Harbour was taken in 1936 by Stuart Gore (1905-1984).  Image courtesy of the State Library of Western Australia (SLWA).

Image courtesy of State Library Western Australia, caption by Trudi Cornish.

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Y 11115

P 11115 Geraldton Harbour 1936 courtesy SLWA

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