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Snapshot - Living Heritage

Published on Tuesday, 21 February 2023 at 12:32:21 PM

Living Heritage 

The importance of our living heritage. 

From the historical events that have shaped the current state and affairs of Geraldton, to the more recent effects of the pandemic, for example, on the lives of individuals and the society at large in the last few years; the continuous art of capturing this ongoing narrative, and the management of the Local Heritage collection is part of an endeavour to ensure a living heritage.  

 This continuity is a result of the many patrons and visitors who have taken time to visit and enquire about the use of the resources available at the Library and other organisations, to those who engage with posts on social media; sharing the posts and commenting further with insight, the countless hours of dear volunteers digitizing the collection and capturing as much information as possible, and the generosity of many who continue to contribute items to the collection.  

 This year’s Australian Heritage Festival (April – May) theme is centered on ‘Shared Stories’ – a concept reinforcing the art of storytelling; to which, it is hoped, many will engage with. For more information, please visit Geraldton Regional Library website.  

 Many thanks to volunteers, patrons and visitors for their time, their enquiries and contribution of items to the collection. 

 Snapshots is an initiative of the Geraldton Regional Library. For more information, or to donate a historical photo or slide to the Library, contact Heritage Services at the Geraldton Regional Library on 9956 6659 or 



Photo Caption: ‘Interior of the Geraldton Public Library in Cathedral Avenue – 31 July 1968. (P 1791) Courtesy of Joe Glass. 

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