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The Invocations

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By Kyystal Sutherland

 Zara Jones believes in magic because the alternative is too painful to consider-that her murdered sister is gone forever and there is nothing she can do about it. Zara decides she will do whatever it takes to claw her sister back from the grave-even trading in the occult. Jude Wolf may be the daughter of a billionaire, but she is also undeniably cursed. Now that she's glimpsed what's beyond the veil, Jude's desperate to find someone to undo the damage she's done to herself. Enter Emer Byrne, an orphaned witch with a dark past and a deadly power. Though Emer lives a hardscrabble life, she gives away her most valuable asset-her invocations-to women in desperate situations who are willing to sacrifice a piece of their soul in exchange for a scrap of power. Zara and Jude are willing, but they first have to find Emer.

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